CEO Message"We were founded in 2015 and have been developing our business with the mission of "Bridging Beyond Border". Aiming to shape a society of unparalleled convenience and abundance on the other side of this bridge, the first service we launched was the smartphone charger sharing service “ChargeSPOT”.

While the innovation brought about by 5G will make our lives richer, it is also accelerating the phenomenon that the power consumption of smartphone devices exceeds the performance of built-in batteries. "ChargeSPOT", which was launched with this issue in mind, is now deployed globally in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, etc. Especially in Japan, it is used nationwide as a backup power source that supports people's lives in the event of a natural disaster.

INFORICH was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market in December 2022. We would like to once again express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our stakeholders who have been supporting us on a daily basis.

President & CEO

Hironobu Akiyama

Important Topics (Materiality)

【Identification Process】
After listening to the opinions of our stakeholders, including our employees, the company where the company is located, and our shareholders, we identified important issues (materiality: the most important issues to be resolved through our core business) while referring to guidelines related to ESGs.

【6 Major Challenges】
①Popularizing a Sharing Culture
②Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion within the Company
③Cooperate in Securing Power Supplies during Disasters
④Realization of a Resilient Supply Chain
⑤Reduction of CO2 Emissions
⑥Strengthen both Risk Management and General Management

Reduction of CO2 emissions through the spread of ChargeSPOT (our sharing service)

Our "ChargeSPOT" is helping to reduce CO2 emissions by recharging and reusing mobile batteries more than a certain number of times to eliminate wasted batteries. By using "ChargeSPOT", you can reduce CO2 emissions by 46% compared to purchasing a normal mobile battery. ※Assuming 1.63 Mobile Batteries per Person

・Reduction of ca. 0.011kg (CO2) per rental
・Reduction of 160,651 kg (CO2) per year
・160,651kg-CO2 = Equivalent to forests equivalent to 26 soccer courts
※(If there are 845,000 monthly users) ※Estimated provided by Asuene Inc. (Reference material: Created by Asuene Inc., based on Hiromori's "Mobile Battery Voluntary Survey" calculated on the assumption that: “I usually carry it = use it every day”“I often carry it = use it once every two days” “I don’t carry it often = use it once a week” “I don’t carry it often = use it once a week” “I rarely carry it = use it once a month”)

Use of renewable energy

To aid in the spread of natural energy in Japan and the mitigation of climate change, we are using green power for 519,000 kWh*, which is 10% of the annual power consumption of ChargeSPOT installations. (*2024 Calculations based on the number of installations as of January 1)
We also encourage the use of green power for electricity used in our offices.

Implementation of Recycling Procedures of End-of-Life Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries used in mobile batteries may experience internal short circuits due to strong impacts or external pressure, leading to smoke generation or even fires. Additionally, incidents of fires in waste collection vehicles and processing facilities, believed to be caused by the inclusion of household waste (such as combustible waste and plastic waste) containing lithium-ion batteries, including those in mobile batteries, have been increasing annually. We, in accordance with the Resource Utilization Promotion Law, request companies licensed by municipalities for industrial waste disposal and special management of industrial waste disposal to carry out safe and appropriate recycling of old mobile batteries.

Promotion of Sharing Services

By sharing things, places, skills, time, etc., sharing services can improve the efficiency of resource utilization and contribute to a sustainable recycling-oriented society. Through the platform application "ShareSPOT" that allows you to use various sharing and rental services, we will strengthen the connection between sharing services and make the service seamless, thereby striving to establish a "sharing culture".

Disaster Prevention Agreements

In cooperation with local governments and companies, we will implement various initiatives such as signage utilization and battery supply in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Response

When disasters such as earthquakes, large-scale power outages, and volcanic eruptions occur, we strive to support disaster-stricken areas by providing ChargeSPOT batteries free of charge for a certain period of time.

Past implementation status (partial) ・December 2022 Large-scale power outage due to heavy snow Some areas of Hokkaido
・August 2023 Large-scale power outage due to Typhoon No.6 Some areas of Okinawa Prefecture
・January 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Ishikawa/Niigata prefecture area

Antibacterial Processing of ChargeSPOT Batteries

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, we have adopted the "SEIKADOU SRW-30" coating for our mobile batteries - a world first - so that everyone can use it with peace of mind.

Efforts to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Since we have a certain number of foreign employees and people with overseas experience, English, Cantonese, and Chinese are spoken by different teams within the company. For those whose native language is not Japanese, we offer beginner and business classes in Japanese, as well as support for in-house training in English and Chinese. In order to create opportunities for communication regardless of occupation or nationality, we also hold seasonal events such as lunch parties, tea ceremonies, and cherry blossom viewing.

Basic Policy regarding Internal System Control

Corporate Governance

Strengthened Information Security

In order to properly manage highly confidential information, we have acquired the Privacy Mark (ISO15001) and are working to ensure thorough understanding among employees of internal rules regarding information management.

Risk Management

Our company is striving to strengthen our corporate governance system in order to ensure the appropriateness of management, improve transparency, and thoroughly implement management that adheres to compliance. We have made a resolution to stipulate and operate based on this basic policy.

We established our "Compliance and Risk Management Regulations" for the purpose of properly understanding and enlightening corporate risks, organized a Compliance and Risk Management Committee chaired by the officer in charge of the Corporate Division based on these regulations, and promoted company business. We work to identify the above risks and discuss countermeasures against them. In the event that a risk materializes, we will cooperate with other departments and external experts to investigate the cause and propose appropriate measures to prevent recurrence to the Board of Directors.

Calculation of CO2 Emissions

Scope1 (t-CO2) 0
Scope2 (t-CO2) 22.6
Scope3 (t-CO2) 83,257
Total emissions 83,280t-CO2

・The above emissions include emissions from Japanese subsidiaries and group companies in China and Hong Kong.
・The calculation is based on the”Basic Guidelines on Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Throughout the Supply Chain” published by the Ministry of the Environment and METI.
・Scope 3 emissions are calculated using the emission intensity database Version 3.2 for calculating greenhouse gas emissions, etc. of organizations through the supply chain.
・Scope 3 emissions are values after offsetting by Green Power Certificates.

Personnel Information

Non-Consolidated Consolidated
Number of Employees 128 238
Full-time Employees: 111 110
Average Age 36 years 31 years
Total Number of Female Employees 46 41
Female Staff Ratio 36% 37%
Female Management Staff 9 10
Female Manager Staff Ratio 7% 9.1%
Non-Japanese Staff Members 29 110
Non-Japanese Staff Ratio 23% 46%
Non-Japanese Management Staff 10 23
Non-Japanese Management Staff Ratio 7.8% 10%
Total Paid Leave Used: Male Staff:43.00%
Female Staff:41.04%
Male Staff:-
Female Staff:-

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