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 Exhibited at Europe’s Largest Tech Event “Viva Technology 2024”

INFORICH  (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) exhibited at “Viva Technology 2024,” held in Paris, France, from May 22nd to 25th, 2024.

“Viva Technology” is one of the largest technology and startup events in Europe, aimed at introducing new technologies and innovations, providing networking opportunities, and promoting business growth and digital transformation.

“Viva Technology 2024” marked a record attendance this year with approximately 165,000 visitors in Paris. The event featured various programs such as startup pitches, conferences, workshops, product demonstrations and panel discussions where technology industry leaders and experts discussed the latest trends.

At this year’s opening session, a video message from Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida was released, in which he commented on his expectations for startup companies and VIVATECH. Additionally, the Q&A session with Elon Musk, who appeared remotely, was very popular, and questions were asked about the future relationship between AI and work.

2024 was a particularly noteworthy year as Japan was selected as the “Country of the Year,” receiving a special invitation. Japanese startups were promoted through booths and sessions, and a Japan-France exchange event was also held at the Japanese Embassy. Among the 60 Japanese companies that exhibited, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s booth showcased Japan’s startup ecosystem and its support structure. Tokyo’s Vice Governor Miyasaka participated on-site, discussing the potential of “ChargeSPOT” as a social infrastructure for disaster situations.

Our company’s exhibition theme this year was “Cleantech.”
We introduced new initiatives utilizing “ChargeSPOT,” which attracted many visitors.

Mobile batteries affect CO2 emissions at every stage from manufacturing to charging to disposal, and our company has consistently focused on reducing CO2 emissions through the proliferation of mobile batteries as one of our materiality initiatives.

By utilizing a sharing service instead of individual ownership of mobile batteries, we can contribute to CO2 reduction. Even though the effect is small per individual, it becomes significant as more people use the service.

We aim to make the socially significant mobile battery sharing enjoyable and have incorporated “gamification,” one of the key strategies announced in our mid-term management plan (VISION 2030), into our presentations at the booth, the Japan Pavilion, and the Swiss Pavilion.

Our company has previously conducted campaigns in Singapore in collaboration with “Monster Hunter Now” and elsewhere with “Pokémon GO.” The initiatives introduced this time are part of this series, such as receiving digital seeds of flowers and plants when renting a “ChargeSPOT,” and when the “ChargeSPOT” battery is viewed in AR, the gifted flowers and plants appear to be planted.

The type of seeds received can vary depending on the location and duration of the “ChargeSPOT” rental. This system makes the effects of CO2 reduction efforts visible through AR flowers and plants.

While the flower seeds are just one concept, similar initiatives could be implemented using content from popular Japanese anime and characters overseas. For instance, in conjunction with the new broadcast of “UFO Robot Grendizer,” which was aired in Japan in the 1970s and continues to be loved across generations in France, we introduced “GrendizerU” as an example of content that can be expanded overseas through “ChargeSPOT.”

All these contents were highly rated by visitors to VIVATECH, especially the mechanism that expresses the contribution to CO2 reduction in a visible form through content, resonating with people from European countries with a high interest in SDGs. The French Minister of Industry and Energy, Laurent Lesquen, also visited our booth.

Among the content introduced, “UFO Robot GrendizerU” is particularly popular overseas and has been adapted into a game by a French gaming company. We aim to use such collaborations with popular anime and characters to catalyze the expansion of “ChargeSPOT” usage abroad.

Our company will continue to address materiality issues by providing enjoyment along with charging solutions and promoting the spread of mobile battery sharing.