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Mobile Battery Sharing Service “ChargeSPOT®” launches in Macao

INFORICH INC. (HQ: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President & CEO: Hironobu Akiyama, hereafter “INFORICH”), operator of the Mobile Battery Sharing Service “ChargeSPOT®”, via its subsidiary INFORICH (GUANGZHOU) TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED (HQ: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, hereafter “GZ”), has concluded a franchise agreement with CHARGESPOT® (MACAO), SOLE SHAREHOLDER LIMITED (HQ: Macao, hereafter CS Macao). The contract will provide for the service launch of “ChargeSPOT®” in Macao.

■Regarding the Contract
INFORICH, with its mission of “Bridging Beyond Borders” is building a global social infrastructure that makes people’s lives more convenient and prosperous.
Currently, via the ChargeSPOT® business, it provides Japan’s first mobile battery sharing service and a signage service that provides advertising services using the mobile battery stand itself as a sharing medium.
As part of its future growth strategies, INFORICH is working on the global expansion of the mobile battery sharing service with a focus on Asia. Within Asia, Macao has been selected as a candidate region for new franchise expansion.

The CEO of CS Macao, Xu Jiaqi, entered the mobile battery sharing business in 2017 and has experience working as a regional manager for Jiedian and Energy Monster which are both major battery sharing companies in mainland China.
Macao, with a population of approximately 680,000 people, is also a tourist destination with around 30,000,000 visitors annually, and there is strong recognition of the importance of providing convenient services for tourists. We believe that by leveraging CS Macao’s connections and know-how, it will be possible to install our service in locations that are highly convenient for tourists.

By bringing together the strengths and know-how of both GZ and CS Macao, we will continue to strive to develop mobile battery sharing services in Macao and expand our business and presence globally in the sharing economy field in general.
In addition, INFORICH Group plans to continue to active expand overseas and will also explore the possibility of expanding to other territories in Asia.