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INFORICH & Csoft conclude agreement to launch the “ChargeSPOT” Franchise in Vietnam

INFORICH INC.(HQ: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President & CEO: Hironobu Akiyama, below “INFORICH”), operator of the Mobile Battery Sharing Service “ChargeSPOT” and Centurysoft International Limited (HQ: Hong Kong, below “Csoft”) have signed on January 25th a Master Franchise contract in order to develop the “ChargeSPOT” franchise in Vietnam.

■Background and Objectives for Expansion into Vietnam
INFORICH has launched “ChargeSPOT” in a total of 6 territories: Japan and overseas in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. There are currently around 59,000 “ChargeSPOT” locations across Asia and coverage is expected to continue to expand. We continue to focus on developing Asian markets in order to continue the growth of our mobile battery sharing service as a global service.

Vietnam has a population of over 100M people (as of 2022) and the world’s 10th highest smartphone penetration rate* (with Japan in 9th), giving it one of the world’s highest penetration rates. In addition to this, the young average age of 33.3 years old suggests the country is highly compatible with the mobile battery sharing business. For these reasons and more INFORICH and Csoft believe the Vietnamese market is highly attractive and shows great potential for further growth, leading to the development of the “ChargeSPOT” franchise in Vietnam.

Nicholas Fong, CEO of CSoft, has over 20 years of experience in Vietnam and is familiar with the trends around smartphone utilization in-country. In addition to this, through his mobile gaming business, which is CSoft’s core business, Csoft expects to work through ChargeSPOT to develop new gaming-related business that invoke ChargeSPOT’s location-based business.

By leveraging Csoft’s local know-how and the synergies with the mobile gaming business, INFORICH aims to accelerate its expansion in Vietnam, where mobile battery sharing has high potential, and expand its global business and presence in the global sharing economy.

VIET JO「ベトナムのスマホ普及率63.1%で世界10位、日本は9位」
** ベトナム 2022 – PopulationPyramid.net

■About Centurysoft International Limited
Centurysoft International Limited is a leading game developer/publisher with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Vietnam. Founded in 2006, CSoft has more than 50 professionals in 3 offices and has rich experience in working with various platforms across Asia, including China , Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Vietnam.