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Mobile Battery Sharing Service “ChargeSPOT” installed in Seibu Railway Red Arrow Limited Express trains from Friday 22nd December

INFORICH INC. (HQ: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President & CEO: Hironobu Akiyama), operator of the Mobile Battery Sharing Service “ChargeSPOT”, and Seibu Railways Co., Ltd (HQ: Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, President & CEO: Shuichiro Ogawa) have agreed to install “ChargeSPOT” machines inside the cars of the Seibu Railway Shinjuku Line “Red Arrow Limited Express” trains from Friday, 22nd December. The Limited Express Red Arrow trains will be the first trains to feature “ChargeSPOT” machines on board.

“ChargeSPOT” machines are currently installed inside some Seibu Railway stations and on some in-station vending machine with the aim of improving customer convenience and supporting charging infrastructure. By making use of the empty space previously occupied by public phones on the “Red Arrow Limited Express” and installing “ChargeSPOT” inside the train, we aim to support more comfortable customer journeys.

Seibu Railway and INFORICH will complete installation at 30 out of 92 stations by the end of this year, and plan to continue installation next year with the aim of installing machines at every station.

■About the installation
Service Launch: Friday 22nd December 2023 onwards
Service Location: 10000 series “Limited Express Red Arrow” Car 1

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